When the Green Meets Blue…

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Last week (May 07, 2009) I was looking for the DOST-SEI site. I want to know how to clear my bonding contract with the government. Because like the blue stickman, I was a DOST-SEI scholar back in the year 1998 (RA-7687) and bonded for 5 years since I took a 5 year course (I took up an Engineering course. The longer you enjoy the scholarship, the longer your stay to serve our mother country…Naks!…)

Due to this reason I cannot get out of the country. I still remember when I attempted to get an NBI clearance (for outside the country purposes) and Passport in DFA Subic, I was blocked by the security and said that my name was on the list.. WHAT? WHY? Am I a criminal?

“No. But because you’re a DOST Scholar…”

Hmmm… It sounds like a DOST Scholar is a criminal too… hehehe.

Anyway, as I have mentioned, I was looking for the site that can help me to process things and clear my bond.


I have joined the forum using the name: “slowhand”… While reading the forums of my fellow DOST scholars, I was intrigued by the post of this guy in the Information Technology Zone – Programmer’s resource:


One of our DOST colleagues is asking:

Im planning to have a website for a living.

Ang problema ko kasi is anu ang klase ng website ang gagawin ko? Ung tipong kikita ung website thru ads.??? Thanks

Then this guy answered:

create a blog with targetted keywords.. I’m earning a minimum of $50/day thru adsense sa blog ko… exluded pa monthly review earnings doon na di bababa sa $1000.00 Blue_PDT_01_15

I was surprised with that reply. Because I also have Adsense but I just earned $1.66 last April (It’s my first time to have an adsense account)! And this guy is saying that he has $50/day???

WOW! It’s totally amazing… Because of my amazement, I clicked this guy’s profile blog link entitled Resignation Letter

While reading his blog, I was really and totally impressed… This guy is a freelancer and does not have a permanent job… but he means BUSINESS! He can make money while asleep!

I tried to contact this guy and reach him on mail. I ask few things… hmmm not few pala, it’s several things rather.

The other day, I read his profile, to my surprise, this humble guy pala is the number 1 blogger in the Philippines’ Top 100 Blogs for 2008 during the Digital Filipino Networking Event and Philippines’ Top 100 Blogs recognition at PAGCOR, Parañaque City, Philippines.

I hate this guy… why? Because I already forgot the real intention why I was in the DOSTScholars site…

But I am very happy that I have met him (I have not seen him in person) “virtually”, and I am looking forward to see him in person.

He is also the reason why the Green Stickman was born. Thanks Bro!

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